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Product search templates

Product search templates are extremely comparable to assortments. They both essentially represent a set of products. Where assortment contain specific products however, product search templates only hold filters. These filters are applied to your product base, which results in a set of products.

In most places where we used product search templates, they have been replaced by assortments. We do however still actively use product search templates for quickbuy.

Creating a product search template

"Name": "Quickbuy",
"Filters": {
"custom_id": {
"Values": ["112-111-978020137951", "114"],
"Negation": false,
"ExactMatch": true

The easiest method of filtering would be to provide exact CustomIDs. This service will return the ID for your newly created product search template.

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In order to support quickbuy, we have to create a quickbuy option using CreateQuickBuy:

"OrganizationUnitSetID": 1,
"ProductSearchTemplateID": 1,
"Type": 1,
"Name": "Quickbuy Checkout"

When creating a quickbuy, we first specify the organization unit set to which the quickbuy should apply. We then specify what products should be part of the quickbuy, by linking a product search template.

The quickbuy Type determines where the quickbuy is going to show up in the apps:

  • 1 = Checkout
  • 2 = ShoppingCart

If you want it to show up in both, create two identical quickbuys, one with type 1 and one with type 2.

Lastly, you can give your quickbuy a name.

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