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πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ Sweden

This document describes all necessary configuration for a compliant setup in Sweden.


Here are some concepts you need to familiarize yourself with before we go deeper into Sweden's fiscalization:

  • Sweden makes use of Infrasec to comply with the POS regulations.
  • Infrasec is a cloud based tax control unit where all EVA Point-of-Sale stations where transactions can be made should be known to. This requirement will be pushed by EVA towards Infrasec automagically when properly configured.
  • Infrasec will also receive duplicates of all receipts handed out in-store to customers. In other words, all in-store customer transaction receipts are as well pushed by EVA towards Infrasec.


In order to configure your store in Sweden to be compliant, the following configurations need to take place.


All settings below should be set on the most convenient level possible. In other words, if your organization structure has a country organization which houses all Swedish stores, then that's where they should go.

SettingValueOrganization unitDescription
Auditing:ProviderSWEDENSweden - On Country levelSets the certified aspects
Auditing:Sweden:Tenant:Name--Merchant name - Using the name of your company is recommended here
Auditing:UseNopeCattrue-Disables printing of more than 1 duplicate, which is not allowed
Auditing:Sweden:InfrasecApiCertificate:Url (test) (production)
-Endpoint for the point-of-sale synchronization
Auditing:Sweden:InfrasecReceiptApiCertificate:Url (test) (production)
-Endpoint for the receipt synchronization
Auditing:Sweden:Tenant:Code--Done by us
Auditing:Sweden:InfrasecEnrollmentCertPfx:BlobGuid--Done by us
Auditing:Sweden:InfrasecEnrollmentCertPfx:Key--Done by us
Auditing:Sweden:InfrasecEnrollmentCertServerTrustPem:BlobGuid--Done by us
Auditing:Sweden:InfrasecReceiptCertPfx:BlobGuid--Done by us
Auditing:Sweden:InfrasecReceiptCertPfx:Key--Done by us
Auditing:Sweden:InfrasecReceiptCertServerTrustPem:BlobGuid--Done by us
Auditing:Sweden:InfrasecApi:PosAuthorityCode--Done by us


When configuring your Swedish organization unit(s), a company needs to be attached. If there isn’t a Swedish company present yet, a new one can be created within Admin Suite under the Companies chapter. The following fields need be filled:

  • Name
  • VatNumber
  • RegistrationNumber
  • Address (VisitorAddress)
    • Street
    • HouseNumber
    • ZipCode
    • City
    • CountryID

Organization units​

Once a company is in place, you need to attach it to an organization unit.

Make sure the following fields are filled when creating an organization unit:

  • Name
  • BackendID (store number)
  • BranchNumber
  • Address
    • Street
    • ZipCode
    • City
    • CountryID
  • CompanyID

It is crucial that you have the CompanyID field filled when creating the organization unit. You can retrieve this ID from the Swedish company you created/have. This is the legal entity under which this OU/store is operating and will be referred to when filling in the details on the invoices and receipts.

Further, please make sure to fill all the auditing fields for your respective Swedish OU's.