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The basket is the main tool to assemble your customer's order. You can create different basket types, add discounts, and more.

View Basket

By default, a sales basket is always ready for you to fill with products. If you want to start a new basket and reset the old one, tap the '...' option in the basket and use Start New Basket. This action will replace the current open basket with a new and empty one.


Tapping Start New Basket will not delete the current one. The old basket moves to the orders.

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Fill Basket with Products

To add products to the basket, use the 'Barcode' icon at the top of the Basket tab. This option will open the scanner to add products. You can also do it from the Product details page or directly from the Product Search.

Edit Products in Basket

Should you have configurable products, or bundles, in your basket, you can tap on the product in the basket to change the configurable options, such as which product was chosen in a bundle.

View Basket Details

The Basket Details will give you an overview of the currently open basket. At the bottom of the basket window, the 'I' will open it.

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Order types

To change the type of the order, click the Type option in the '...' menu.

Reserve Order

You can use a reservation order to reserve products in the store that the customer wants to pick up later.


In this order type, the order will be delivered to the customer.

Delivery order

The delivery order will allow you to send your stock from a warehouse to a customer. It will trigger a shipment from the warehouse. Setting up the needed shipping methods is required.

Add Coupons and Discounts


To add a coupon, go to the '...' menu at the top of the Basket tab. The easiest way to add the coupon would be to scan it. Should that not work, tap the Manually button at the top right.

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After creating the order, you can add discounts. These can apply to specific products or the basket as a whole. Opening the '...' menu in the basket will give you the Add Discount option. Here you can add previously configured discounts.

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Proceed to Checkout

Once the basket is ready, tap the Checkout button in the Basket tab. It will redirect you to the checkout screen, where you can finish the order. Next to the checkout button, the total of the current order is also displayed, so you can give your customer an indication of what the current basket would cost them.

Pause Order

If you run into a situation where you need to pause an order and proceed with another, you can do that. Tap the '...' menu, and select the Pause Order option. This option will save the order, and you can print a receipt.

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Switch Basket Types

You can create different orders in the app not used to sell a product to a customer.

Return to supplier

To return a product to the supplier, open the '...' menu and use the Create Return to Supplier Basket option. After that, you can add products to the return order. Once you have finished this, you can proceed to the final steps of the return order using the Return to Supplier button in the basket.

To specify return reasons, click on the order option and select one of the pre-configured options. You can also change the supplier, where the return is going, and leave an additional order remark.

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Interstore order

An Interstore order allows you to create an order between two of your stores. Start an interstore order by tapping the '...' menu and selecting Create Interstore Basket. Follow the steps to add products, similar to the return to supplier order.

Mixed Orders

If you have Orders:AllowMixedset to true, and your country allows mixed orders, you can also perform return and sale orders in a single order. In this case, the returned amount will be combined with the sale amount to calculate either the refundable money or the new price. Should this setting be false, we will warn that mixed orders are not allowed in your environment.