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In the checkout menu, you can place the customer order. The payment is also processed here ahead of the sale.

View Checkout

To proceed to the checkout, tap the big blue Checkout button in the basket.

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Changing your display

By setting App:Order:ShowEstimatedDeliveryTime to true, you can add the estimated delivery time for shipping methods to the overview.

If an order contains more than 50 orderlines, you'll have to tap the Show more button to access them.

Order options

Add customer

Tap the Add Customer option in the checkout to add a customer to the order. You can either search for a customer, or create a new one. This option will also add their delivery and billing address to the order.

Edit customer

Once you have added a customer, you can tap on them to edit the information attached to the customer.


For customer editing in general, we recommend the Customer App.

Gift wrapping

For gift wrapping to be an option, it needs to be configured. You can select the gift-wrapping option at checkout.

Order remark

To leave a custom remark on an order, tap the Order remark field, and it will open a text field where you can write your custom message.

Payment methods

Which payment methods are available in your app highly depends on the settings. To use one of the available ones, tap on them at the bottom of the Checkout screen.

View Payment history

If an order includes multiple or pending payments, you can view them in the appearing button called Payment History. You can tap the payments for additional options.

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Complete Checkout

Once the payment is accepted, the checkout will move the order to complete. You will transfer to the Complete screen, where printing options are available.

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