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You can view previous orders in the sales app and perform actions with them.

View Order History

To view the Order History, tap the Orders button on the main screen.

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Search Orders

You can search orders by name or using the 'QR-Code' scan. This search is similar to the search in the Customer App.

You can use the Filter button at the top of the screen to specify the order you are searching for. This button will present you with various options to specify it. If you want to clear all the applied filters, use the Clear All Filters button.


A number will appear next to the filter button if you are currently applying a filter.

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View Order Details

Tapping an order will open the Order Details. Next to the details, you also have several options, depending on the kind of order you are looking at.

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View Customer Details

To get the customer details, tap on View the Customer Details at the bottom of the order.


You can not edit customer details in this section. We recommend edits using the Customer App.

Create Baskets from Orders

Tap the Create Basket button in the order details to copy and use the order as a basket. This option will copy all the products into the order and apply the customer details to the order.

Return Orders

You can create returns from completed orders using the Create Return button at the bottom of the order details.

On the return page, you select the stock location and the return reason.

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You can print orders using the 'Printer' button at the top of an order. This flow will allow you to create multiple documents related to the order or send out email confirmation.

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Interstore Orders

Interstore orders will display similar information to a regular order. However, they will additionally show the supplier, shipment ID, and the requested date of the interstore order.