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The Sales App will help you find all the products you need. It will also support you in getting an overview of the products and viewing their properties and available stock.

Use the Products tab at the bottom of your screen to search for products. If you recently searched for a product, it will appear in the tab's Recently Viewed section. You will also be able to select bundles and other categories directly.

You can search either by using the 'Barcode' icon at the top right of your screen or the Search field at the top. If available, we highly recommend scanning, as it is less likely to get the wrong product.

Changing what items are displayed in search

By default employees can find and open all products. If you want to change the search perspective and display only those products which are available to your shoppers, set App:Search:DefaultUserTypeOverride in the App Settings.

Clicking on the 'ADD' will add the product to your open basket. If the product has multiple configurations, the button will change to 'SELECT' and allow you to pick a size or variation of the product. If it is a product bundle, it will change to 'CONFIGURE'.

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Changing the scanner

You can change the default scanner used in the app using the setting App:Scanner:Provider. This can be set to Apple, to switch to Apple's native barcode scanner.

Products across stores in close proximity

One of the things that might be displayed when tapping a product, is a list of stores that currently have stock of the selected product.

This is however not setup by default and requires a few easy steps to configure.

  1. Ensure Longitude and Latitude are setup in the Basic information of your stores. This is needed for making the proximity calculations.
  2. The Google Geolocation plugin is required for EVA to make calculations based on longitude and latitude.
  3. Configure your preferences for which stores should be displayed. See the table below for more information on the relevant settings.
GetShopsByProximityDefaultLimitThis number is used to limit the amount of stores returned. Otherwise, the limit is 10
DefaultShopProximityRangeThis number is used to limit the range of nearby stores. For example, setting it to 50,000 will limit the list of stores to those that are within 50 kilometers.

The available stores will then be listed by calling GetShopsByProximity while taking the above settings into account.

Product Details

Tap on the product in the search to view the Product Details.

Using the Basket Quantity option, you can instantly increase or decrease the amount of the product.

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Product Information

To view the Product Information, tap the 'I' at the top right or click on the 'looking glass' at the product picture. Here you can view all the information attached to the product.

Create Runner Tasks

To send your colleagues on a runner task for a product, you can use the Create Runner Task option at the bottom of the Product Details. This option can help notify another person in the store that you need a particular product. You can set up the quantity of the required product and indicate if the task is urgent.

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