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The Customers menu allows you to easily search through your customers, or create new customers.

The menu sports a simple search field. You can search by name, phone number and/or e-mail address. To refine your search, you can use the side pane to specify which property you are searching on. It's also possible to search for customers by scanning any QR code containing their SSN, e.g. a driver's license.

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If you want to prioritize the search of users based on the country of the OU, you can set UserSearch:FilterOnCountryInStores to true in the settings. Here you can also change the default used filter with App:SearchUser:DefaultFilter. It can either be Name, PhoneNumber, or EmailAddress.

Clicking a customer will display their details in the right side pane.

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The customer details side pane has a couple of buttons in the top bar to access more customer information.

Should you prefer additional confirmation steps before adding a customer to an order, you can set App:SearchUsers:HideAddToOrder to true. This setting will result in the Add to Order button, next to the customers, being hidden. You can still add them to your order using the Customer details page.

Customer search on CFD

If a CFD is connected to the POS, you can let the customer search for themself in the Search options. This option will display a pop-up on the CFD with an input field for the customer to type their email address and hit search. If a match is found, the POS will pop up the customer details, and you can add the suggested customer to the order.

An App setting called App:Customer:ShowSearchOnCFD with a value true (default value is false) is required in order to activate this feature. Once the setting is in place, POS users will be given an option to Search on CFD. Once tapped, your customer will be able to perform the search from the CFD using an email address.

Customer orders

Clicking the Orders tile will open an overview of all orders to which the customer is attached. This overview works exactly like the regular Orders overview.

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Edit customer

The second tile in the customer details pane allows you to edit the customer's information. After you saved the customer data, you will also be able to sign them up for subscriptions on the second page.

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At the bottom of this page, you'll find a list of all addresses used by this customer. You can alter any address, delete it or change the default delivery/billing address. If you delete an address which is currently used as a default one, the default address will automatically change to the address that will remain. Note that if more than 1 address would remain, the default address cannot be deleted right away, since it would be unclear what address would have to become the new default. Either switch the default yourself, or delete addresses until only one remains (excluding the current default address).

Adding customers

To add customers, press the +Add button on the main customer search menu. This screen is the exact same as the Edit customer screen, except for the fact that the field are empty. Additionally - in contrary to the edit menu - the fields that are available here depend on your configuration of User requirements. It's also possible to autofill details for new customers by scanning any QR code containing their SSN, e.g. a driver's license. The latter does require use of a third-party service that stores information on SSN.

If you previously configured inquiries they will appear on the second page of the customer creation.

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