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Payment service provider

Stripe is a large payment provider founded in the United States. EVA offers a direct integration with Stripe's API services to support both online payments and in-store PIN terminal payments.

Configuring Stripe requires a Stripe account, a Stripe secret API key, and one simple EVA service.

Configuration in EVA

Set your API key

Stripe:ApiKeyYour Stripe secret API key
Stripe:PublishableApiKeyYour public Stripe API key


After having set your API key, we can use one simple service to set the remaining Stripe settings.

Setting up Payment Methods

Enable Stripe's payment methods in Payment methods.

Setting up Terminals

See Payment terminals.

Address requirements

When creating terminal locations, some address properties may differ based on country.

More on this can be found on Stripe's Manage locations page under the "Create a location" section.

EVA Pay with Stripe

We also allow using Stripe for EVA Pay once you have configured it as a payment method. EVA Pay will check if a STRIPE_WEB payment method is configured. You will also need to copy the publishable API key from stripe into the setting Stripe:PublishableApiKey to be set.