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Payment processing

Although Safer and SIX are the same company (Worldpay), their online and offline capturing arms are operated effectively by two different entities and therefore 2 integrations. Neither can do the job of the other - SIX being the card payments in-store and SaferPay being the online capture process.

This page will show you what settings and payment codes are to be used to implement one or both of these integrations. If you require any information on the basics of payments, such as where to configure them, we suggest to start off at Payment methods in Admin Suite.

Authorisation codes

Since they are two distinct integrations, Authorisation codes cannot be shared between SaferPay and Six.


The integration of SaferPay in EVA lets you use the online payments platform solely for accepting and refunding payments online; specifically not for the creation of payments. Returns can take place anywhere, including in-store.

To enable this integration, the following needs to be configured:

  • Settings
  • Payment type
  • Properties in CreatePayment


Most of the values for the following settings shouold be provided by Saferpay.

Saferpay:ApiUrlCombined with the base URL for either the production- or test-environment, you will get the complete API-URL, e.g.
Saferpay:ApiUsernameEg. e24xxxx001
Saferpay:ApiPasswordAs set by yourself
Saferpay:ApiTerminalIdThe virtual terminal identification number on which the different payment methods are activated
Saferpay:ApiCustomerIdPart of the Saferpay AccountID, which has the following format: 123123-12345678. The first value is your CustomerID

Payment type

The corresponding code for the payment type should be: 'SAFERPAY'

See Adding a payment type if you want a refresher on payment types.

Properties in CreatePayment

The CreatePayment service requires you to specify the following two properties in order to guide the customer to the desired webpage:

  • ReturnUrlSuccess - the url the customer should be redirected to in case of a successful payment
  • ReturnUrlFail - the url the customer should be redirected to in case of a failed payment

A RedirectUrl will be included in the response of CreatePayment. You can use this url to redirect the customer to the payment page.


The SIX integration in EVA lets you capture and refund payments via the payment terminal. Refunds of online bought products can also be performed in-store.

All it takes for you to have a proper PIN setup with SIX is to enter 'SIX' as a value in the Pin:ClientVersion setting. The rest is up to us.