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Assortments and sets

Seeing as your EVA environment encompasses all of your stores, warehouses and products, we run into a little problem. You probably don't want to have the same selection of products across your entire organization. To help you manage this, EVA uses assortments. Although both are essentially just lists of products, sets are only used to make it easier to select multiple products throughout EVA.

Essentially, an assortment is a selection of products which you then apply to your organization units. One assortment can be applied to multiple OU's, it is just a means of making known what products should be available for what organization.

Creating assortments

Assortments can be easily set up through the Assortments chapter of the Stock module in Suite.

In order to add products to an assortment, we can either filter on any product property or do a free search by means of the query. You can then add products accordingly.

Attaching assortments to organizations

The assortments can be attached to either a specific OU, or an OU set, in the assortment directly.

Creating product sets

Product sets are nothing but lists of products you create in Admin Suite's Products sets chapter in the PIM module. By creating these sets, you can more easily add/select multiple products in one go in other parts of Suite.

It's a straightforward process: pick a name for your new set and start adding products to it. The way these products can be added is the same as everywhere else throughout Suite: either In bulk or with Add product filter.

One of the options available in the latter is to Prefill, by choosing one of the product search templates (AKA Product sets). Afterwards, you can click the boxed magnifying glass icon to show all selected products.

E-commerce filters

Optionally you can add e-commerce filters to your product set. These allow you to do exactly what you'd expect: pre-select product properties such as color that will be included as possible filters in your front-end.