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Configurable products

Sometimes your products come in a specific range of sizes or colors. These products can be added individually, but generally we advise setting up a product hierarchy using parent and child products. This structure greatly improves the searchability of your products. The way this works is as follows:

Let's say we've got this shirt that comes in red, blue, and black, and each of those come in a variety of sizes. We will set this up as follows;

  • Parent product
  • Child product (variation of the parent)
  • Grandchild products (variation of the children)

Parent product

We will start with the most global identifier; "Shirts". It can be a specific category of shirts, but any property that defines variety is left out. After this, we add variations.

Child product

The shirt comes in three colors; red, black and blue. We now add three child products:

  1. Red shirt
  2. Black shirt
  3. Blue shirt

The "shirts" product is the parent product to those variations.

Grandchild products

Lastly, we configure sizes underneath all those color variations in the exact same way as we did before. Since those are the lowest child products in the hierarchy, these are the actual sellable products. Again, the parenting is merely for the sake of having a structured approach.

Using this method, users can search for "Shirts" rather than "Blue shirt XL", then further choose the desired variation from the Parent product.