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Custom requirements

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Custom requirements

Specifications that your products may need

EVA supports custom requirements for products. Custom requirements are certain properties on a product that need to be specified in the basket. These custom requirements can be utilized for various purposes, like specifying serial numbers, inscriptions for jewelry or names to be printed on sports jerseys.

See how custom requirements work in POS and Checkout App.


We currently support six different types of custom requirements:

  1. String
  2. Yes/No
  3. Whole number
  4. Decimal
  5. Multiple values
  6. Multiline text

Creating custom requirements

Custom requirements are configured in the Custom requirements chapter under Admin Suite's PIM module.

Start configuring new custom requirements by clicking on the row for the product for which you want to configure custom requirements.

When a product doesn't have any custom requirements, click on '+' icon to start configuring your custom requirements for this product.

NameName for your custom requirement, displayed in the (m)POS.
Data typeType of custom requirement, explained below.
Allow multiple values?Whether you want to allow multiple values to be specified for a single requirement.
Required?Whether the custom requirement should be mandatory.

For custom requirements of Type Multiple values, when no values had been configured in Admin Suite, the *Checkout App will display the identifiers (BackendID) instead.

Editing and deleting custom requirements

You can edit and delete custom requirements for products by first clicking on the row for the product for which you want to modify custom requirements, then clicking the 'pencil' or 'bin' icon.