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Product Information

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Product Information

Viewing pushed products data

The Products chapter provides a view only overview of your product catalog pushed to EVA.

Creating and pushing products to EVA

Check how EVA approaches PIM, and the flow of managing products here.


In order to view this chapter, the permission Product is required with a scope View.


The initial chapter UI provides a view only overview of your product catalog pushed to EVA. Each row presents specific product data, such as Backend ID and Name, corresponding to a product. The Status displayed is influenced by the data pushed to EVA, making it modifiable and influenced via your external PIM system that pushes product data to EVA. A product status can be either Published, indicating it is live and part of the product catalog available to your customers, or Concept, indicating it is not yet live to the public.

Product information and content


You need the ProductContent permission with scope View in order to be able to view properties of a product. Permissions are managed from the Roles and rights chapter namely, from the functionalities card of a users role.

Tapping a product(row) displays two cards:

  • Product information: Presents additional details, such as Barcode, CustomID, Display value and images (if applicable).
  • Content: Displays the corresponding product data of a revision.

Displayed data under the Product information card

You can tailor which additional product properties are shown under the Product information card by using a setting called App:ProductDetail:Properties

NameExample valueDescription
"EVA-Admin": ["product_name", "brand_name", "display_price", "size_range"
In the example screenshot above the setting was set with a value { "EVA-Admin": ["display_value"] } hence, why the field display_value is shown.