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Second chance products

EVA allows for damaged goods to have a second chance at being sold. When we book products as damaged, we can create a task to snap some pictures of the product, give it an appropriate price and make it avaiable as a 'second chance product'.

Enabling second chance

In order to enable second chance products, we need two things:

  • Appropriate setting
  • Proper Stencil


We can enable second chance products by setting SecondChanceProductRegistration:Enable to true. When this is set to true, any time you book a product to 'damaged', EVA will create a task to register that product as second chance.


During the task we mention above, we define a new price for the second chance product, which is why we need to print a new price label. To support this, set up the SecondChanceProductPriceLabel Stencil.


Beside the configuration we mention above, the second chance products flow runs through companion in its entirety.