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In order to be able to access this chapter, you need the DiscountCampaigns permission. Check the Discount related functionalities for more details.

When creating discounts, it is possible to select a Campaign to which that discount would belong to. This allows for easy grouping, filtering, tracking, and budgeting.

Create campaign

Clicking the '+' in the upper right corner, prompts the "create discount campaign" flow.

The fields are self-explanatory where name is the only required one (all other fields are optional to fill). However, the Start date field will become required if the Limit discounts to this timeframe checkbox is ticked. A ticked box implies that all discounts grouped under this campaign will start at the specified Start date and end at the specified End date (if filled).


If a start and end date are filled under a discount tagged to a campaign with a filled start and end date as well, the dates filled here (in the Campaign) would overrule.

Edit campaign

Clicking an existing campaign prompts an interface with two cards, namely Information and Budget.

Information card

This card allows you to edit all the fields that were available to you at time of creation. In addition, via this route you'll have the option to use the Translation functionality by clicking the translation symbol next to the campaign name. This allows you to influence the displayed name of the campaign on your frontends based on country and language.

Budget card

This card allows you to set a budget limit and a currency of measure.

Currency field

Specify the base currency for your discount(s) campaign here. Once a currency is set and saved, this becomes the moment EVA starts keeping track of the Spent or consumed balance of the campaigns tagged discount(s).

  • The currency can no longer be modified when a discount within the campaign is used or when a non-zero value is displayed under the Spent box.
  • The campaign currency may differ than the discount currency. For conversion rates an integration with could save you time.

Budget field

Once the value you input here is spent/consumed, all underlying discounts forming part of this campaign will automatically become deactivated. In other words, all discounts grouped under the campaign are deactivated when the specified budget is consumed.


The budget field may be left empty while only filling the currency field. This prompts tracking of the Spent balance however, will not deactivate the tagged campaign discounts for a reason that the discount budget has been reached.