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Manage layers

You can add a layer by tapping the top most + icon. All you need here is to give it a name and specify whether this layer is exclusive or not. Adding multiple layers is possible and for that, you'll need to keep in mind the following:

If a layer is marked exclusive, it means that if a discount is applied from that layer no other discount can be applied from that layer nor any other. So you'll either get the single exclusive discount, or the combined set of discounts from all other layers, based on whichever is most lucrative for your customer.

As a general rule of thumb, one discount per layer is applied to an order. However, there are instances where two discounts from one layer could be applied to an order, and that is when each of those discounts were set up to impact on specific product(s) (Pick a Product or Product sets) and not the order as a whole, we call that "product claiming". This of course does not apply if the discount applied on an order is part of an exclusive layer.

The promotion engine works in a way that it first searches for discounts that impact on product level, then moves on to discounts that impact on order level. The system then choose the best possible combination/option for the customer.

Handy to keep those pointers in mind when designing your promotions! "Happy customer, happy life"!