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In order to be able to access this chapter, you need the DiscountCampaigns, DiscountLayers and DiscountTemplates permissions. More Promotion module related permissions can be found under Discount related functionalities.

The Promotion engine chapter under the Promotion module of Admin Suite starts with the overview page. This is you starting point to performing various promotion related activities such as add, delete, edit layers and discounts, as well as view existing ones.

This page requires a basic understanding of how our promotion engine functions. So, if you haven't already, make sure you check out the Introduction to promotions page.

Further, the following video showcases how the promotion engine looks like on Admin Suite and how it works using a simple use case.


The promotion engine overview from Admin Suite is where you can add, delete, edit, and rearrange layers and discounts.

You can also:

  • Switch between table and calendar view (top pane)
  • Filter based on specific discount properties (right pane)
  • Customize your columns using the workspace functionality (reorganize column icon - top right corner)

Table view

This is the chapters default view where all discounts are displayed in a table overview, and grouped under respective layers.

Calendar view

Quite handy when you want to see your active discounts in a timeline, regardless the layer.

The start and end date of a discount are displayed by means of a blue colored vertical line.

The filters

Your overview can get quite busy therefore, using the filters might be a good idea to focus on what you really need to see and do. The Active discounts or Inactive discounts are two obvious options to achieve that. If the latter option is chosen you'll be further presented with several options to narrow down your overview result even more. Those options are based on the DiscountDeativationReasons.

Other than that, you can filter by date, organization unit, currency, and more.


Using the workspace feature you can reorganize, add, or remove the default columns displayed in your overview. Click the Reorganize column icon on the top right to start customizing your column overview. Once done, you can then save it as a template using the Default workspace tab found in the left pane (saving multiple templates is possible).

Based on role permissions, each user may have different rights on what can be done within the promotions module. Permissions are managed from the Roles and rights chapter namely, from the functionalities card of a users role.

The following table provides a list of those permissions and the impact each one has on the users rights within the module:

Show discount related functionalites
Functionality nameScope when functionality is not ticked
Discounts - viewHides the chapter
Discounts - editMakes the detail page of a discount passive
Discounts - createHides the "+" icon in the top right corner
Discounts - deleteHides the checkbox you can tick to delete a discount and with that, the trash bin icon
CreateDiscountFromTemplateHides the ability to create a discount from available templates. Note: if Discounts - create is not ticked and CreateDiscountFromTemplate is ticked, then the user will only have the option to create a discount from available discount templates i.e. will hide the option to create a discount from scratch
OrganizationUnitSets - createThe organization details card in step 1 - General info of a discount will not show the + icon where you can add a custom OU set
OrganizationUnitSets - viewHides the magnifying glass icon in the organization details which shows the content of the created custom OU set(s)
Translations - createUser will not be able to add data in the empty translation field.
Translations - viewHides the Set translation button next to the line item Marketing description in step 1 - General info
Translations - editThe pencil icon within the see translation card is hidden
Translations - deleteThe user cannot return an empty field
DiscountLayers - viewHides the chapter
DiscountLayers - editHides the pencil icon next to the layer name
DiscountLayers - createHides the "+" icon in the top right corner of the page (add layer)
DiscountLayers - deleteHides the delete button in the edit layer card
DiscountCampaigns - viewHides the campaigns chapter
DiscountCampaigns - editHides the pencil icon to edit an existing campaign
DiscountCampaigns - createHides the "+" icon on the upper right corner to create campaigns
DiscountCampaigns - deleteHides the trash bin icon displayed next to any existing campaign
DiscountTemplates - viewHides the templates chapter
DiscountTemplates - editMakes the detail page of a template passive
DiscountTemplates - createHides the "+" icon on the upper right corner to create templates
DiscountCoupons - ViewHides the tabs, cards and action related to coupons
DiscountCoupons - EditHides the handler tab and row edit action
DiscountCoupons - CreateHides the create coupons and multi coupons tab in the coupons dialog
DiscountCoupons - DeleteServes no specific function yet currently


Using roles and rights you can also hide the module as a whole.

After setting up the general page overview to your taste, the next obvious step(s) would be to manage layers &/or discounts: