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Delivery Solutions and Shipping Software

nShift, previously known as Consignor, is a Global Leader in Cloud Delivery Management Solutions. We provide a direct integration with these guys. You're welcome.

Setting up your integration

EVA settings

Consignor:ActorYour Consignor Actor ID.
Consignor:BaseUrlYour Consignor shipment server URL.
Consignor:KeyYour Consignor shipment server key.

Carrier configuration


Shipping method configuration

Carrier handles shippingtrue
Delivery typeshipfromstore

Setting package weight

There are two possible methods of setting package weight when using Consignor:

  • Standard preset package weight for all packages
  • Weight calculation based on a product property

Standard weight

We can set a standard package weight using the Consignor:PackageWeight setting. This setting can be set with a default weight.

This weight will then always be communicated with Consignor as your package weight.

Weight calculation

Next to the hard coded package weight, it's possible to specify a product property for EVA to use as package weight. Since EVA does not come with a standard product weight property, this is most likely a custom property and therefore the name will vary between our customers. To battle this, we have a setting called Consignor:ProductWeightProperty where you can set a custom product property's name. We then use the value in that property as product weight. Package weight will then be product weight times the quantity. We ignore any weight packaging might have.

This setting has to be backed up with a fallback weight in case the property is missing on a product. The fallback is a default weight, which can be set in Consignor:FallbackProductWeight.

Weight calculation using a custom property is only used when the first calculation method is not set.


Weight for Consignor is handled in metric grams. Checkmate, imperial system fanboys.

Override sender address

By default, we use the ShipFromOrganizationUnit information to print sender details on the shipping label. However, some OU's have dedicated return OU's configured. To override thedefault shipping label information and replace it with the return organization's information, you can set Consignor:SetShippingOrganizationUnit to true.