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Start shipping from your store

StoreShippers is a carrier that provides ship-from-store services. EVA includes a module to easily integrate with StoreShippers.


This module has to be manually enabled by one of our developers.


There's a couple of settings involved in setting up Storeshippers for your EVA:

StoreShippers:EnabledWhether to enable StoreShippers, true or false.
StoreShippers:EndpointYour StoreShippers endpoint.
StoreShippers:ApiKeyApiKey created in the StoreShippers portal.
StoreShippers:DefaultParcelLengthFallback for orders with unspecified dimensions.
StoreShippers:DefaultParcelWidthFallback for orders with unspecified dimensions.
StoreShippers:DefaultParcelHeightFallback for orders with unspecified dimensions.
StoreShippers:SupportedServiceLevelsWhat service levels you support, separated by commas:
- SD is same day delivery (small area).
- ND is next day delivery (larger area).
- OD is own delivery.
StoreShippers:DefaultServiceLevelWhat service level your shipping requests default to. If this value is left blank it would default to SD.
StoreShippers:AllowUnpaidOrdersWhether or not to allow unpaid orders to be shipped, true or false.
StoreShippers:LegacyModeWhether or not to enable legacy mode, set this to true.

Settings in StoreShippers

A webhook needs to be created in the StoreShippers portal to allow for StoreShippers EVA communications. We need to create a new user in StoreShippers to act as the StoreShippers' webservice user. For this user, a new API key should be created.

The webhook then needs to point towards:


along with a query containing the token: