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Commitment isn't something that 'happens'. When we talk about commitment, we talk about 'committed' stock, which is just subtracted from available stock levels on an OU. Commitment always befalls the supplying OU. So if the supplying OU has 100 units of some products, and 20 commitments on the same product, the warehouse's QuantityAvailable is 80 (100-20).

Whether or not an order line has been committed is indicated on the line as the CommitmentStatus. The Commitment Status can be one of two things:

  • 0 = Uncommitted
  • 2 = HardCommit (committed)

By default, an order line is Uncommitted. The line can be committed on one of three moments:

  • when the order line is created
  • when a payment is created
  • when the order is placed
  • when the order is exported

Setting OrderLineCommitment:Moment defines on what moment as mentioned above order lines are committed.

Setting valueDescription
0None (default behavior)

When using order orchestration, commitment is only decided upon after the order has gone through the entire orchestration process. Until then, EVA places no commitment on the possible suppliers. This can be overruled using the DefaultFulfillmentOrganizationUnitID setting with the desired OU's EVA ID. This setting is only relevant when the commitment moment is either set to 1 or 2.

Committed lines are visible in the stock overview in the EVA Admin.