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Product capacity plans

Product capacity plans allow you to do just that: plan your capacity. It's best explained by means of an example: if you offer stitching as a service on t-shirts, this is in practice limited by two things:

  • How many t-shirts you can stitch per day
  • The quantity of t-shirts available

You can configure this easily in its namesake chapter in the Stock module. It is also possible however to do so via API, see Product capacity via API.


In order to be able to access this chapter, you need the ProductCapacityPlans permission.


Currently one part of PCP functionality is only possible via API: the ability to create Exceptions to the PCP for specific dates or days of the week. Front-end functionality is however underway.

The creation flow for a PCP consists of two cards, the first one of which contains the general information and it also lets you set the way you want to add products to it.

By setting the Time frame, you can determine how to indicate your capacity: per Day or Week. The Capacity per *** field will automatically change based on that decision; this field lets you specify how many items you can actually produce per day.

The Availability cut off entails how far in advance do you want to calculate when the requested product would become available? To stay in the example, imagine you can stitch 5 t-shirts a day, and there's 20 currently being processed. If you'd like to order another one, it would take 5 days before the 21st would be ready. By setting this field to 4 days, you wouldn't be able to initiate this 21st t-shirt.

The last field of the card, Products, lets you specify how you want the next card to work: either by selecting specific products, or by using filters to select products. Regardless of your choice, they both work in the same way as you'd add products or filters throughout Admin Suite.


To be able to make use of product capacity plans, you need to have the ProductCapacityPlans functionality enabled.


To prevent endless or inaccurate capacity calculations, the following setting defaults to 7 days and can be maximized to 14 days: FutureAvailability:ProductCapacityPlansPrefigureTimeSpan

This value can also be overwritten on the PCP itself by setting the Availability cut off. The value of this field can be set higher or lower than the setting value, but can not surpass the 14-day limit.