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Stock mutations

In this chapter you can correct organization unit(s) stock count deviations by means of a file upload.


In order to be able to access this chapter, you need the StockLabels, Stock and MassStockUpdate permissions.

Overview - Upload stock mutation

There are some fields you'll need to fill in. Let's list those down with a brief explanation.

Field nameDescription
Organization unitSelect the organization unit for which you would like to upload a stock mutation file
Stock labelSelect the stock label on which you would like to conduct a stock mutation file upload on
Backend system IDFill in as you deem fit
EmailWill default to the email of the logged-in user. However, you can change it, as you please

Ticking the box "set missing products to 0" will consider the uploaded file as a full stock mutation correction. In other words, any missing products from the file where a stock mutation existed (in the specified organization unit), will be automatically set to zero.

File upload

Click the "download" icon in the top right corner to download the Excel file. The Excel file will include three fields which you will then need to fill out (ProductID, ProductBackendID, and QuantityOnHand).

Fill accordingly, save the file on your device, drag and drop in the specified space/or manually select, then press the "upload" button. If your upload is successful, you will be prompted with a roaster "Stock mutation uploaded successfully", it's as simple as that.