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First time POS setup

When opening POS for the first time, we will show a configuration screen which will follow a couple of steps necessary to ensure POS works as intended.

Endpoint configuration (generic deployments only)

Most of you will have a dedicated, customer-specific POS application. This app will come preconfigured to look at the environment you use. This first step will therefore only apply to generic deployments that don't have a default endpoint.

IPad Pro screen

Organization selection

Secondly, you have to select the organization for which you're setting up POS. Usually, you will have a Watchtower set up as well in which case POS will only show the OU linked to the Watchtower your POS is connected to.

IPad Pro screen


After selecting your OU, POS will show a validation screen showing all current configuration for your POS so you can check if everything is in order.

IPad Pro screen


After this, you will be prompted with a regular login.

IPad Pro screen