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The Live Guard dashboard consists of four chapters:

  1. System
  2. Backends
  3. Users
  4. Settings (Coming soon)


The main chapter of the dashboard is called System. It shows all your currently configured Watchtower devices, structured beneath their respective container organizations. You can see if the devices are online, and edit or delete devices.

Additionally, we provide a map view of your stores, where several pins indicate your store's Watchtower statuses.


The Backends chapter shows you an overview of your configured backends, their endpoints and whether they are active or not. Additionally, backends can be added or edited from this overview.

Access tokens

When editing a backend, you can also see access tokens for that backend. These are tokens EVA can use to access Live Guard and send information over your Live Guard network.


The Users chapter allows you to manage your users, very straightforward.

Settings (Coming soon)