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Star Micronics

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Star Micronics

POS Printers, POS Scales, Kiosk Printers & More

Due to a shortage of our primarily advised EPSON thermal printers, we also support an alternative printer. Setting up a STAR printer in EVA is not difficult, it's pretty straightforward. To set up a STAR printer, we needed to support their printing protocol which we now do.

In theory, we now support most of the STAR printers, since we support their protocol now. But be aware; we only tested this integration on their mC-Print3 model.

To set up a STAR printer, we simply create a new Device for our desired Station with the following settings:

NameYour desired name
Device typeThermal printer
Assembly nameSTAR
IP-addressYour printer's IP address

Give your printer a static IP-address.