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Thermal printer type

As part of your Store infrastructure one of the necessary peripherals is thermal receipt printer(s).

To set up a thermal printer, the following services are available:


The above services requires a role permission called PrinterType. This can be set via roles and rights functionality.

Other than specifying the printer type with these services, you can also specify the print/image width of your thermal receipt using the PaperWidth property (unit of measurement for this property is pixel). Note that the PaperWidth property will be applicable only when an image is generated for thermal print templates of type "HTML". Thus, it is important to set the PaperProperties within your thermal printer template type in stencil or via CreateMessageTemplate / UpdateMessageTemplate to "HTML".

You can further attach a printer type to a device using the property PrinterTypeID in CreateDevice / UpdateDevice services. This is to ease searchability, by filtering devices using PrinterTypeID when using the service ListDevices.