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Custom fields

The Custom fields chapter in Admin Suite gives you an overview of all currently configured Custom fields of type User. This also includes custom fields that were created to support inquiries. By default, EVA knows a lot of fields that can be configured for users. You might however want to add a field that does not exist in EVA. To do so, you can add a custom field on the user data model.


In order to be able to access this chapter, you need the CustomFields and CustomFieldTypes permissions.


To add a new custom field, click the '+' in the top right corner.

A custom field has a name, a BackendID, a Field Type, minimum and maximum length, and a display name. By using the 'Translations' link you can set up your specified display name in various languages.


When creating a custom field with predefined 'options', like in the example, make sure to set the BackendID for your options - they will not be saved if you don't.

Field types

Field types allow you to shape the custom field to the format you need it. How you change this and configure it determines the way the info is displayed. A line will allow for all kinds of different inputs in the custom field and is helpful to ask them for customized data. Checkboxes or radio buttons limit the options and are better suited for selections of limited answers. And with toggle, you can perfectly ask a yes/no or opt-in question.


After creating your custom field, a new card will appear: Settings. This card lets you specify additional properties of your custom field, such as if it's supposed to be required and -most importantly- what OU (set) the custom field should be used in. This is also the place to setup necessary requirements to view or change the custom field. For example, if your shop employees are supposed to gather information from your custom field, you should allow them to see it.


If you want to delete a previously created custom field, just go into the settings of the field, and press the red 'Delete' button in the bottom left of the screen. After a warning dialog (Be sure you really want to do this), the custom field will be deleted.