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Audit chains

EVA allows for manual configuration of audit chains for certain subjects. This document explains this configuration, using invoices as an example.

By default, EVA numbers invoices sequentially, starting at invoice number 1. You can customize this sequence by setting a prefix and a start number.

Let's say we set our prefix to be invoice-, then our first invoice would have the following invoice number:


To further customize this, we can set our desired start number for the sequence. Let's say we want the sequence to start at 420, then our first invoice would have the following invoice number:



Bear in mind that this is only configurable for countries where invoice numbers are not subject to legislation. In such cases, these configurations will be negated.


In order to create an audit chain configuration, we use CreateAuditChainConfiguration:

"AuditChainType": 6,
"CountryID": "NL",
"CompanyID": null, //optional
"OrganizationUnitID": 4,
"DesiredStartSequenceNumber": 420,
"DesiredPrefix": "invoice-",
"DesiredIdentifier": "MyFirstAuditChain"

The AuditChainType determines to what subject the audit chain configuration applies, a full list of all available types can be found at the end of this document.

The audit chain configuration can be applied to a country (least specific), a company (more specific) or an organization unit (most specific). Only CountryID is required.

The DesiredIdentifier functions as the identifier for your audit chain configuration.

If the request was successful, it returns the ID for your newly created audit chain configuration.

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