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The following service(s) can be used for compliance purposes.


The ValidateFiscalID service is used to validate a given FiscalID (a mandatory property) by the current organization unit Auditing:Provider or by providing a CountryID (an optional property - further, country codes are as per ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2). Fiscal ID in this context, refers to tax number.

Here is how the service looks like:

"FiscalID": "MRTMTT91D08F205J",
"COuntryID": "IT"

There are three possible responses, detailed as follows:

0Unknown - when status cannot be checked for whatever reason (Configuration, downtime, etc...
1Success - when the provided VAT number is valid
-1Failure - when the provided VAT number is valid

POS Fiscal ID tileโ€‹

In order to use this service on your frontend (POS) during a checkout, you will need to add an App setting called App:Order:ShowFiscalID with a value true. This will present a Fiscal ID tile under order options as shown in the below screenshot.

IPad Pro screen