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We import gift card products using ImportProducts. Example request:

"SystemID": "GC",
"Products": [
"ID": "1234",
"Name": "Physical Giftcard",
"CustomID": "1234",
"TaxCode": "Zero",
"Type": {
"Stock": true,
"Giftcard": true,
"AllowCustomPricing": true
"GiftCardType": "APIGIFTCARD",
"GiftCardIsDigital": false,
"Content": [
"PublicationStatuses": ["public"]

In this request, we need to specify the handler we want to use for our gift cards. For our example, we are running with our generic APIGIFTCARD handler. This creates a separate GiftCardConfiguration. As of now, there's no method yet to link gift cards to existing handlers upon creation.

Physical gift cards don't need any further configuration besides the handler. Digital gift cards need some stencils to support sending them through e-mail. We need to set up the following two stencils:

  • GiftCardOrderShippedConfirmation with target mail.
  • GiftCardOrderShippedConfirmation with target PDF.