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Authentication for requests is provided in the Authentication header as a token, with or without a Bearer prefix.

API keysโ€‹

For integration purposes, we need to create an API user and generate a key for that user using CreateApiKey:

"UserID": 45,
"OrganizationUnitID": 23,
"RequestPermanentApiKey": true

Needless to say; a token is only valid for the single environment it was created or requested on.

To list all API keys for a specific user, use ListUserApiKeys:

"UserID": 45

This returns a list of API keys. It does not return their values, but their ID's. You can see we have two API keys for this user. That's because we created an additional one, so we can delete the key that we have so blatantly pasted into our docs. To delete an API key, call DeleteApiKey using the desired key's ID.

"KeyID": 43

When successful, this service returns an empty response.