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Configuring the generic webshop

What you need:

  • EVA environment
  • Webshop deployment for that same environment
  • Access to the webshop Contentful (found in 1Pass)

Most configuration for the webshop happens in ContentFul using our Commerce Homepage V2 content model.

Commerce Homepage V2

Essentially, every webshop is represented in Contentful as a Commerce Homepage V2.

This content model consists of various configurable properties:

TitleThe name for your entry in ContentfulEVA - Commerce Homepage V2
CustomerWebshop 'customer'.eva
LogoImage to be displayed as logo in the navbar.-
Primary ColorAccent color for your webshop#007BFF
Multiple OU's?Explained under Multi-country

Additionally there are some more complicated building blocks;

  • NavBar Product Sets
  • HeroBanner
  • ProductSets

In order to configure navigation bar items, we add NavBar Product set entries to the NavBar Product Sets array in the Commerce Homepage V2. These product sets have the following properties:

Entry NameThe name for your entry in ContentfulNavBarSet1 - Men's
TitleTitle to be displayed on your webshopMen's
SlugURL extensionmens (results in:
SearchConfigurationType of search your set should trigger.

There are three methods of SearchConfiguration:

  1. ProductSearchTemplate
  2. Query
  3. Custom


Configure a ProductSearchTemplate (Product set) in EVA and specify its ID in the ProductSearchTemplateID field in Contentful.


Specify a search query in the SearchQuery field in Contentful.


Specify a custom SearchProducts request in the Custom JSON field in Contentful.

Frontpage hero banner

The webshops frontpage banner works in the exact same way as the navbar items, but instead of NavBar Product set entries, we specify one single Commerce Product Set entry under HeroBanner in the Commerce Homepage V2.

A Commerce Product Set has the exact same properties as the NavBar Product set we saw before, but with some additions:

Description (Optional)Description to be displayed in your webshop.
Image (Required)Image to be displayed.
Text Color (Required)Text color for the text that overlays the image.
Button Text (optional)Text that should be displayed in the button.

Leaving the Button text blank will hide the button and therefore remove the clickability from the banner.

Front page product categories

The additional front page product categories are added by adding Commerce Product Set entries under ProductSets in the Commerce Homepage V2.


Setting Multiple OU's? to true will allow you to open up your webshop to multiple EVA OU's. When setting this to true, enter a Webshops array in the OU Config field in Contentful where you specify your OrganizationUnitID and CountryID pairings. Example configuration:

"Webshops": [
"CountryID": "NL",
"OrganizationUnitID": 6
"CountryID": "US",
"OrganizationUnitID": 7
"CountryID": "GB",
"OrganizationUnitID": 8

CountryID should always be ISO 3166-2.