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POS Delay

1 day extension

The drop of POS will be delayed by 1 day. This day will be used for increased regression testing, ensuring no issues persist into the release.

POS 2.74.x

🆕 Added

Label for employees

Labels are added for employees in the search, to make it easier to separate them from customers.

Hide On-screen keyboard

Using the setting App:Pos:DisableWebKeyboard, you can disable the on-screen keyboard on the web version, should you want to use a hardware keyboard.

Offline mode line indicators

When in Live Guard offline mode, POS now displays little icons on orderlines indicating whether the line is backed up on Watchtower or just supported when the connection is restored.

Using SSO after configuration

Instead of having to log in with EVA login credentials the first time after the configuration of POS, SSO is now available immediately.

Default filter settings

You can now change the default search filter for customers. Using App:SearchUser:DefaultFilter you can set the default search filter to Name, PhoneNumber, or EmailAddress.


When editing or creating a user, Inquiries can now be used to ask your customer additional questions and more!

✅ Improved

Displaying large (return) orders

POS is now able to handle large orders of > 50 order lines better. We've introduced the App:Order:MaxLineCount setting, which will limit the order lines shown in your completed sales orders in the POS to 50 lines - by default. This setting can be changed to any value you prefer. If there are more items to be displayed than the value's setting, a toast will be shown advising you to check the order in Suite for example.

Return orders however will explicitly ignore this setting and show all order lines, ensuring you can find whatever order line that needs returning quickly.

Visual feedback for FiscalID

We improved the feedback if the input of a FiscalID was not valid, due to auditing configuration.

Improved feedback on free carry-out order

We clarified the pop-up that would appear if you would try to create a carry-out order with a price of zero. The message that appears will now provide more information.

Pricing and tax

We've revisited the wayPOS shows its prices in regards to tax/VAT by making it either respect the user-defined PreferredPriceDisplayMode setting (such as for item pricing) or explicitly ignoring it where necessary (such as for the open amount during checkout).

Combining return and sale orders

We've made some changes to the POS to enable a seamless checkout process for the customer when returning one item and buying another.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed a bug, where the quantities of returned products were incorrectly updated when using the Use answers for all return products option.
  • Fixed a bug, where the keyboard would sometimes appear behind the toasts at the bottom of the screen.
  • Fixed a bug, where the customer data was not updated on POS after it was edited on the CFD. -POS will now clear the basket again if an order is held.
  • There was an issue wherePOS would not redirect to the Documents panel after completing a refund if the internet connection was slow.
  • Fixed a bug, where a toast would be shown that quantity of a product had been modified during checkout instead of just a confirmation alert.
  • Fixed a bug, where you would not able to scan a POS setup QR code after you opened it once without completing it.
  • Fixed a bug, where the 'Trash Bin' icon would not work properly during a cash drawer counting.
  • Fixed a bug, where during a bank deposit, the user would not be notified about the problem, if the seal bag number is too long.
  • Fixed a bug, where a user would not be notified about the seal bag number being too long during a bank deposit.
  • You can no longer spam the button Pay with card to create multiple calls.
  • Fixed a bug, where payment and refund types were not showing in the checkout for restored orders.
  • Refund types will now be shown properly when creating a return order for a previously created open order while having slow internet speed.
  • We will no longer block you from creating a customer ifPOS fails to load the email domain suggestions. Instead, we will just notify you about that with a toast.
  • Fixed a bug, where a bundle with a discount would appear as free in the order history, even if it was not.
  • A shortlived bug with Usercard payments has been fixed.

Companion 1.28.x

🆕 Added

Delivery dates

Shipments in the Companion's Receive goods tab will now include an expected delivery date in the overview.

Second chance products

We've introduced a new flow to EVA called "Second chance products". When you enable this new flow, by setting SecondChanceProductRegistration:Enable to true, any 'normal' products you mark as damaged will trigger a new user task: Second chance product task - which can be found in the (new) Operational tasks category in the Companion.

For more information, see Second chance products.

Requiring UoMs for RTS

Companion now properly adheres to the setting Orders:ReturnToSupplier:AllowEaches, meaning that so long as its default value true is not changed, you can ship an RTS order with whatever amount you like.

If the setting is set to false however, the Create shipment button in the RTS flow will be greyed out if the amount does not equal (or is a multiple of) the specified UnitOfMeasure quantity.

✅ Improved

Grey out unavailable options

We made it more clear when an option is not available by greying it out.

Displaying more order lines

We've improved the Companion to play nice with orders with > 50 lines. Any order of that size will have the property HasMoreLines set to true and consequently call ListOrderLines to be able to circumvent the GetOrder's 50 lines limitation. That's all for unnecessary background info; have fun working with massive SFS tasks.

Temporary elevation codes

Temporary elevation codes will now be working for all elevation flows, as they should be.

Combining return and sale orders

We've made some changes to the Companion to enable a seamless checkout process for the customer when returning one item and buying another, more expensive one in the same flow.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where the RMA button would not be displayed properly in an interstore order.
  • Fixed a bug where manual refunds would sometimes not work, even when shown as an available option.
  • Fixed a bug, where after a refund, the refund page would remain open without proper feedback.
  • Fixed a bug, where the pre-filled cash amount in checkout was not calculated properly if the order switched from zero to positive.
  • Fixed a bug, where a refund request using a card would not work if the initial order was performed with Maestro.
  • Fixed a bug, where you were asked to select an OU twice during a fresh install of the app.
  • Fixed a bug, where an order would fail instead of asking for employee verification.

Live Guard

🆕 Added

Markdown prices

Live Guard now properly supports markdown prices during offline mode (pricelist usage type sale).

  • When an online order contains a product with a markdown price, that price remains the same after migrating to an offline order.
  • When a product with a markdown price is added to an offline order, the markdown price is used for the product.

✅ Improved

Client app hub

We've made some general connectivity improvements between POS, CFD, Watchtower and EVA Cloud.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed a bug wherePOS would show and hide an invalid additional local EVA application when connected to a Watchtower with a certain interval (blinking).

Admin 1.0

🆕 Added

Delivery dates

Shipments in the Receive goods chapter of Admin 1.0 will now include a column with an expected delivery date in the overview.

Cookbook discount ledgers

It is now possible to use Discount Ledger Classes as a variable in Cookbook.

Correcting cost price ledgers

It is now possible to correct cost price ledgers straight from the cost overview. To make this process more transparent, we've also added the order line ID to this overview to more easilty identify the cost price ledgers.

Admin Suite

🆕 Added

Default image

We'll now display the same fancy image for any product that does not have its own image set.

✅ Improved

Top bar changes

We've changed the way the top bar looks and works. The new design is clearer and more consistent. Click the EVA logo to return to the dashboard; click the 'search' icon for search capabilities or to quickly move to other modules.

Overall improvements

We've made several smaller changes to Admin Suite in general. This includes the way we show (or don't show) Save buttons for example, or how date pickers will close automatically after date selection.

🔧 Fixed

  • Admin Suite better handles users with access to a single module.
  • Fields with a currency decimal will adhere to the current currency consistently.


🆕 Added

Order fulfillments card

We've made a new card available in the Order detail page of your purchase orders: Order fulfillments. This card will show which order lines have been allocated to which store/warehouse and what their status is. Click the 'navigation' icon to be directly forwarded to the Fulfillment chapter. Don't forget to specifically enable it in your workspace area.

Supplier relation type RMA / RTS and improved OU selection

We've added a new supplier relation type called RMA / RTS in the Allocation chapter. By configuring a relation with this type, you can determine which supplier(s) is available in a store's RMA / RTS flow.

Secondly, we've altered the supplier relation's creation modal: you can make an easy selection of either one or more OUs or you can choose an entire OU set.

For more information on both, see Allocation.

✅ Improved

FSCs and recounts

We've made some improvements to FSCs to make the functionality more intuitive: selecting products in the Grid view and initiating recounts for them will now start recounts for those products only (across all labels) and we have removed the "swipe to cancel" ability in the Companion for labels which cannot be canceled anymore. Additionally, you can now delete (uncompleted) full stock count labels in Suite. For more information on this functionality, see our FSC docs.

Edit assortment modal

We've made a tiny adjustment to the modal for editing assortment names in the Assortments chapter, adding a Cancel button and making the header clearer.


🆕 Added

User deactivation

Any user-created role now also lets you specify an amount of days after which an inactive user with the role will be prevented from logging in. See also Roles and rights.

Consumers chapter

In the Consumers chapter you can check all the different information about your customers, including recent orders and interactions.

✅ Improved

Improvements to Role sets

We've made some QoL fixes and improvements to the flows involving Role sets, which among others includes remembering pagination preferences, displaying role set Name instead of ID, and the ability to remove OUs from sets.

Linking role sets to OU sets

To boost your efficiency, you can now link a role set to an OU set to assign the same role set to all existing OUs in the set.

Available shipping options for user requirements

We will now show you the complete list of shipping methods when setting up a requirement for shipping.

Ignore user requirements

You can now opt to ignore user requirements for an employee bulk upload. This way the upload will succeed even if an item is not according to the user requirementsnot

Employee overview logic

We improved the logic on available employees in the Employees module. It will only display users if you have permission to view that OU.

Additional scopes on functionalities

You can now limit the usage of functionalities in backend scripting and settings, using new functionality scopes.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue with creating new roles.
  • Fixed an issue where removed roles on employees remained visible.


🆕 Added

Categorize the custom field condition

The Custom field condition is now classified into 3 categories: User, Order, and Order line.

✅ Improved

Restitution return orders

In restitution claim company setups, a return now generates two separate return order flows (sales and restitution). This aligns with its tallying sales order flow.

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where some text overlapping occurred during the selection of an action or condition.
  • Fixed a bug with creating new promotions where the flow did not advance past the general information step.
  • Fixed an issue with the OrderTypeCondition leading to a discount line getting removed and added in a continuous loop.


🆕 Added

Order fulfillments card

We've made a new card available in the Order detail page of your sales orders: Order fulfillments. This card will show which order lines have been allocated to which store/warehouse and what their status is. Click the 'navigation' icon to be directly forwarded to the Fulfillment chapter. Don't forget to specifically enable it in your workspace area.

Customer backend ID

To be able to help your customers faster, we now show you the customer's BackendID in the Consumer card of an order's details while also allowing for a quick jump to the Consumers chapter by means of the 'navigation' icon.

Include replacement stock in orchestration

We've made the use of replacement stock when calculating fulfillment with order orchestration possible with the following, optional Option: UseReplacementProductsForStock. For more information, see Order orchestration options.

✅ Improved

Parent-child relations

We've made the relation between a parent and child product much clearer, by displaying all child products indented beneath the parent product.

Discounts on order line level

Just like we already did in POS, we'll now display discounts on order line level to make it easier to see which discount is tied to what product.

Displaying large orders

Orders with over 50 lines will now be displayed better in Suite.


We've made a small improvement to the display of bundle products in the Orderlines detail page, making it easy to see which products belong to the bundle.

Showing custom requirements and product properties

We now display custom requirements (such as printing on t-shirts) and product properties in the order overviews in Suite directly. This way you no longer have to go through order lines one by one.

Translations in Return and refund reasons

We've made adding translations in the Return and refund reasons chapter a bit more consistent with the rest of Suite.


✅ Improved

Product bundles filter panel

We've replaced the query filter with a more expansive one.


🆕 Added

Price viewing functionalities

We've added the setting EnablePriceViewingFunctionalities to be able to hide certain price list types based on permissions. This setting supersedes the previous setting EnableCostAndPurchasePriceViewingFunctionalities - which is still alive for backwards compatibility.

✅ Improved

Giftcard chapter renamed to Giftcard configuration

To make the goal of the Giftcard chapter a little bit clearer, we've renamed it to Giftcard configuration.

Pricing group and Usage type

When adding organization units to pricelists, we now properly check the combination of Usage Type and Pricing Group to be unique.

Price list adjustments

To make the application order of multiple adjustments clearer, we've reworded the accompanying text.

Potential prices

We've added a new price list usage type: potential prices. This will allow you to display strikethrough (Try now) prices. By adding a new price list to an OU with this usage type, these prices will appear in the search results and product details.

🔧 Fixed

  • The Payment methods/Settings header was not displayed properly for users without Creation permissions.


✅ Improved

Redesigned Organization units chapter

The entire Organization units chapter has been redesigned and improved to include new functionality, such as creating an OU in Admin Suite directly. We also display much more information, such as the Return organization unit of an OU in its Advanced information card.

Visibility group configurations

You can now edit visibility groups in the Visibility group configurations card in the detail pages.


✅ Improved

Clickable product rows in Shipments

When selecting products for shipments in SFS tasks, the entire row can now be clicked to open up the Product information modal.


✅ Improved

Edit permissions for monitors

We no longer allow the last user of a monitor to change its edit permissions to view (only), seeing as this would leave the monitor in an uneditable state.


We've made the synchronization functionality a bit more user friendly by adding descriptive texts and checking some boxes automatically to match a user's choices.


🇫🇷 France

✅ Improved

Simplify French customer onboarding

A customer without billing or shipping address added to an order (accepted in France) allows only for a receipt print (no customer details are shown on the receipt) after an order is concluded. The possibility of having an invoice printed/emailed in such scenarios is not an option as an address is needed.

Mandatory fiscal requirements

To ensure compliance with local regulations, sales will not be permitted via the apps if fiscal related data on respective organization unit(s) is missing.

🇮🇹 Italy

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where the Fiscal ID tile on POS was visible despite having a non-individual customer (B2B) attached to the order. The tile should only be visible on B2C sales in Italy.

🇵🇱 Poland

✅ Improved

Zero priced articles

Zero priced articles, for example orders that include a Gift(s) With Purchase (GWP) promotion, are now not included in fiscal receipts, and accordingly are not in JPK files as well.

Gift card payments

Sales paid for with a gift card are now part of the JPK_V7M file.

🇵🇹 Portugal

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where invoices pertaining to completed endless aisle orders were occasionally not being shown on SAF-T audit files.

🇨🇭 Switzerland

🔧 Fixed

  • Fixed an issue wherePOS and Companion Apps did not allow having a refund and an exchange in the same order. A combination that is not allowed in France as per regulations.