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Reasons for opening cash drawers

Sometimes a cash drawer needs to be opened for other reasons than for a sale. These openings are stored in the event ledger; to give a little more insight into why the drawers were opened, it's possible to pre-configure reasons for this which can then be selected when opening.

Creating reasons

There are several services related to creating reasons: the usual CRUD services, GetOpenCashDrawerReasons to check all available reasons and a translation service LocalizeOpenCashDrawerReason. These are all described in the table below.

"Name":"Customer change",
"Description":"Customer requested change"

How to implement the reasons

When creating these reasons, there are three ways for the POS to handle these reasons. By means of the app setting App:CashDrawer:OpenReason you can:

  • Hide them (which is the default) - value= 0
  • Show them - value = 1
  • Make them Required - value = 2

Using reasons in practice

An employee can either have the permissions to open the cashdrawer outside a sales flow, or not.

If the logged-in user does not have the necessary permissions, opening the cash drawer will show the available list of reasons and will be followed up by a supervisor PIN modal. If the user does have the required permissions, no PIN modal will be displayed after the reason modal and the cash drawer will be opened right away.