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Welcome to EVA docs

EVA's documentation portal

Our Unified Commerce platform EVA is engineered to be intuitive and requires minimal training to use. This portal serves as more than just "documentation"; it offers knowledge, education, videos, images, isometric drawings, events, and more.

The portal is divided into four sections: Documentation, Developers, API Reference, and Drops. Each serving a distinct purpose, covering specific aspects and views of our beloved Unified Commerce platform EVA.

Login credentials & subscriptions

We take pride in this resource, which is why we've slapped it with a login requirement (invitees only). Once logged in, please subscribe through your account under the "login and security" section to receive email communications about release notes, hotfixes, or important news.


We're a bunch of nerds at New Black and some things get left behind (in our heads). If you catch any, please let us know, and we'll make sure we move it here instead.


The content of this section mainly targets end users, typically that would include Admin and in-store users. The section adopts a modular and categorized approach that aligns with the modules and chapters that EVA offers, each covered in-depth. Here, you'll find the various user interfaces, manuals, know-how's, flows, concept explanations, assessments/quizzes to test your knowledge, and much more.


Updates & new assessments

Improvements and features are regularly being introduced to assessments. Any updates of this nature will be communicated through our standard Drop release notes flow. This also applies to any new assessments that are made available.

In various areas of the Documentation section, assessments are available to test your knowledge of EVA. You can start an assessment either via your Account page (by tapping/clicking your 'user' icon in top right corner of every page) or directly on the page where the assessment is located (see Mobile devices note below).

Mobile devices

Accessing assessments from a mobile device is only possible via the Account page.

  • The minimum score to pass is 80%;
  • If an attempt is unsuccessful, a reattempt is possible after 24 hours;
  • You need to have login credentials for the Docs website in order to take part in any assessment.


The developers section is more technical and is specifically aimed at the backend folks out there. It focuses on EVA's Core and is categorized into several segments, each covering a different aspect.

What you'll find here is mainly related to Dev 101, integration guides, frontend development guides, and more.

API Reference

The API Reference section describes and defines all API services that EVA has to offer. We're talking about 2000+ services here...


The drops section is your place to find release notes. Via a calendarized display, you can browse through the latest release notes as well as previous ones. A clear distinction is made between EVA frontend releases, EVA backend releases, and hotfixes.

A brief about EVA unified commerce platform

EVA is a Unified Commerce platform designed with a single purpose - to "Enable you to become adaptive to change" effortlessly. This means easy adoption of the latest backend applications, frontend frameworks, and innovative solutions.

It's an agile, cloud based, intrinsic platform with a unified user interface that powers digital transformation through the concept of Contextual commerce.

The platform is modular, offering its functions as components within these modules:

  • Compliance
  • Finance and control
  • Order Management System (OMS)
  • Organization Management
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Promotion management
  • Stock management and fulfillment
  • Task management
  • User management

Add to that a frontend set of applications designed for Admin and in-store use, giving access to all information when it comes to your customer base, orders, shopping carts, and tasks such as: cycle counts, runner, click and collect, ship from store, and more. All in real-time, accessible 24/7 from anywhere. A single source of truth that creates a connected ecosystem of people and touchpoints.