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Introduction to our applications

Let's start off by giving you an idea of how our applications are structured. Like we mentioned in the introduction, EVA has in-store applications and management applications. All applications communicate with EVA Core. This leaves us with the following setup:

  • EVA Admin Suite (Management and Configuration)
  • EVA App Suite (In-store operations)
  • EVA Core (What drives it all)

EVA Core

EVA Core is the beating heart of our system. We do have a lot of applications to serve your needs, but all they do is talk to EVA Core. It's the brains, the processor, the only thing that really knows what's going on.

EVA Admin Suite

Admin Suite is a collection of modules in your browser, that are individually aimed at specific purposes and bound together by the Admin Suite Dashboard. Each module contains several chapters, also serving different purposes, but within the same general segment of EVA. For example, we have a Financials module, this module contains chapters for Tax Management, Invoice Matching, Payment Methods and more. EVA Admin Suite contains the following modules:

  • 💶 Financials
  • 🛍️ Orders
  • 🏷️ Promotions
  • ✅ Tasks
  • 👤 Customers
  • 🏬 Organizations
  • ⚙️ Settings
  • 🔧 Configuration
  • 📦 Stock
  • 🛡️ Live Guard

EVA Admin 1.0

Admin Suite is the successor of Admin 1.0, but has not completely replaced all functionalities that are available in Admin 1.0. We are gradually expanding Admin Suite and simultaneously phasing out Admin 1.0, in the meantime they are used side by side.

App Suite

App Suite refers to all front ends that are used in-store. These are used for day to day operations, sales and more. We have a point of sale, replacing your traditional cash register and we have several applications for on-the-go employee usage.

The App Suite consists of the following applications:

  • POS(Point of Sale)
  • CFD (Customer Facing Display)
  • Checkout App
  • Loyalty App
  • Tasks App


POS and CFD come as a pair. Think of them as the next-level replacement for your traditional cash register. POS is the interface for the employee handling sales, CFD shows relevant information to the customer. These are stationary at some place in your store and generally paired with a receipt printer, cash drawer and payment terminal. Both POS and CFD are applications running on iPads.

Handheld applications

As for non-stationary applications; we have three of those. These can be installed on iPhones and can be used anywhere in your stores. The Checkout App supports complete order flows and allows employees to intensively assist customers and create their orders for them. The Loyalty App provides complete Customer management on the go. The Tasks App is used for performing day-to-day operational tasks and tasks to support unified order flows like Click & Collect and Ship from Store.

Companion App

The Tasks, Checkout and Loyalty applications are the direct successors of the Companion App. Companion will at some point be replaced by our three new applications.

Web applications

We usually refrain from building heavily customized customer-facing applications, because we don't like building anything custom. However, somewhere someone decided to do it for some functionalities anyway and we ended up with three web applications we can deploy for any customer.


The onboarding portal serves a very simple purpose; onboarding customers to your organization and/or loyalty programs. We allow you to manage the sign-up fields, translations and subscriptions to be displayed.


The return portal was built in order to make returns easier. Customers provide their e-mail address, we validate this address and return a list of orders for the customer who can then proceed to craft their desired return order.

Digital Giftcards

Our 'DGC' portal allows for the sale of digital giftcards. These can be customized with media and personal messages before sending them out to the intended recipient.