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Meet App Suite

Launched September 26th, 2023

Future of Retail Event: Suite Apps release

Did you miss out on our release event? No worries! We have a recording for you below.

With App Suite, we split the functionalities that Companion combined. Instead of one all-encompassing application, we now have three separate apps with particular purposes.


You can use the Tasks App to receive stock, cycle counting, click & collect reservations, ship from store, and perform any other in-store operation you might encounter.


The Checkout App will be the bread and butter of your stores. The handheld sales application will render your traditional store counters legacy.


For anything relating to the customer that walks into your store, use the Loyalty App. Create customers, manage their profiles and information, and look into their previous orders or loyalty levels to provide a highly tailored experience.


We've put together a few Q&As regarding the Suite Apps go-live which we've launched September 26, 2023.

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  • Q: What do I need to do to roll out these new Apps?

    • A: The rollout process for the new apps will depend on your specific organizational environment and requirements. It's recommended to follow the provided hardware and App distribution guidelines. And familiarize yourself with release versioning, check our page releases on your Apps. Furthermore, please consider conducting a pilot test in a controlled environment before a full-scale deployment using your MDM.
  • Q: Do I need to re-train my staff to use these new Apps?

    • A: The Suite Apps are designed to be user-intuitive, and are built in collaboration with Apple Design Labs. While formal training may not be necessary for experienced users, providing some level of orientation or documentation on key features and changes is advisable to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Q: Where do I find the manuals for the new Apps?

    • A: As shown on this page above, tapping the corresponding App button will take you to that Apps user manual.
  • Q: Which new features are only available on the Suite Apps?

    • A: Along with all the existing functionalities, some exclusive features are only available on the Suite Apps, such as Tap-to-Pay. The Suite Apps will only get better from here on, and you can always see those new features hitting beyond via our Release notes communication.
  • Q: Are all features and third party integrations from the Companion App available on the new Suite Apps too?

    • A: Yes, all existing functionalities, features, and third-party integrations from the Companion App are available in the new Suite Apps.
  • Q: Do users need to log in to all 3 Apps individually?

    • A: No, the Apps work in union. This means that when you're logged in to one of the Apps, the session is held across all the Suite Apps. This applies to logging out too. There is no need to log into each app separately.
  • Q: Are all 3 Suite Apps available in Main & Beyond versions?

    • A: Yes, all three Apps are available in both Main and Beyond versions with Beyond having those emerging new features first. More about what Main and Beyond entail can be found here.
  • Q: Do different App versions work together, in scenarios where I did update 2 of them but left one out?

    • A: We recommend keeping all Apps updated to the latest versions to ensure compatibility and access to the latest features. Using mismatched versions may result in reduced functionality or compatibility issues.
  • Q: Do I have to apply certain settings to start using the Suite Apps?

    • A: There are no specific setting required to enable use of the Suite Apps.
  • Q: Are there extra costs associated with the new Suite Apps?

    • A: No, there are no additional costs associated with the Suite Apps. The related costs are included in EVA's recurring fee structure, ensuring that you can access these enhanced Apps without any additional charges.
  • Q: Can I still access my data from Companion App when making the switch to the Suite Apps? For example, my open tasks, open orders, stock to be received, etc.

    • A: Yes, you can seamlessly access all your data, including open tasks, open orders, and stock to be received, in the new Suite Apps instantly. There is no need to close shipments or take any specific actions in the Companion App before making the transition. Your data will be readily available without interruption.
  • Q: When are the Suite Apps available in my ABM?

    • A: The availability of the Suite Apps in your ABM can vary based on regional availability. However, we will release the apps on the September 24, 2023. Make sure to register for our launching event: The Future of Retail.
  • Q: What steps do I need to take in my ABM (and MDM)?

  • Q: What release cycle do the Suite Apps follow?

    • A: Our Suite Apps follows the usual regular release cycle, with updates and new features introduced periodically in the Release notes.
  • Q: By what time do you expect users to fully migrate to using Suite Apps?

    • A: The timeline for user migration to the Suite Apps should be determined based on your organization's needs and priorities. However, a deprecation is scheduled for April 2024. Also, keep in mind that the direction to use Suite Apps would draw closure to the support for Companion App; meaning that any new features will only be made available in the respective App Suite and not in any other App.
  • Q: Can I test or pilot the Suite Apps in parallel to running Companion App in certain stores?

    • A: Yes, you can test or pilot the Suite App in parallel with the Companion App in specific stores. There is no hard cut that would prevent this, and would actually allow you to train, provide feedback, and to schedule a planned rollout at your own pace.
  • Q: Until when will the Companion App be supported?

    • A: The Companion app is scheduled for final phase out in April 2024. It's important to note that all new features will only be supported in the new Suite Apps.
  • Q: What happens to EVAs POS?

    • A: Several of our users are already making the switch to Sales App in stores. For now, the future of EVAs POS remains secure and won't be deprecated along with the introduction of the Suite Apps. However, we will evaluate the next steps, our wider strategy and plans for the POS App. Rest assured that any changes will be communicated. Apart from communication, any App deprecation will be announced here.

Once again, the new Suite Apps are already included in your recurring fee structure hence, no additional fees will be incurred or charged as a result of this move to a simpler and cleaner Suite of Apps.

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