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Welcome to the Tasks App: this app is your main hub for managing tasks in-store. Any task that becomes available, whether it's a runner task initiated in-store, or a Ship from Store task assigned to the store through Order orchestration, will be displayed here.

The following tasks are all directly created by the user in the Tasks App. You can initiate these by tapping the '+' icon in the top-right of the App's overview screen.

All of the following tasks are not directly created in the app, but instead become available as a task as a consequence of other EVA processes.

Task visibility

There are multiple ways to finetune which of the above tasks you want to be available in your users' Tasks App.

Displaying task types

The primary way of enabling tasks is by means of the following app setting: App:TaskPresence

This app setting takes the following (enum) values:

  • RunnerTask = 1
  • FullStockCount = 2
  • RepairTask = 4
  • MoveStock = 8
  • PrintPriceLabel = 16
  • Or, for all tasks = 31

If you like more information on using enums, please see Flag enums - but in principle it just means to add up the values of your preferred tasks and enter that value.

Maximum number of tasks

By default no more than 250 tasks are displayed at any one time throughout your Tasks App - this means all tasks across their various types.

Although we recommend a proper task "hygiene", there might be occassions where more than 250 tasks should be available in your App.

In that case, please increase the maximum number of allowed tasks to a more accommodating number by means of UserTasks:AvailableUserTaskLimit.


Lastly, some tasks are already tied to Functionalities, which allows you to finetune the tasks' visibility even further and set for what roles the tasks should be visible.

This list will be expanded continuously.

  • FullStockCount
    • Scoped functionality = FullStockCount.View(8)
  • Repair
    • Scoped functionality = Repairs.View(8)