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Cycle Count Tasks

Cycle counts allow you to turn the monitoring of your stock accuracy into a regular, standardized flow.

Perform Cycle count tasks

You can create Cycle counts to check the store's accuracy of the amount of stock. They will pop up in your Task App based on your settings in the Admin Suite. They can be configured based on the needs of individual stores. Once they appear, the app will ask you to scan products based on these settings. The sorting in the Cycle Counts menu will look based on the zones in your store.


While you can adjust the stock count manually using the buttons, we highly recommend scanning the products, as this is less prone to human errors and more likely to result in the most accurate stock.

Count confirmation

You can perform the secondary task after completing the primary cycle count. Completing includes all zones in the store that you need to count before you can confirm the count. Based on the role settings, a user can either confirm the counts, deviate from the counted stock, or even request a recount of the stock.