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The Repairs task is a vital part of Case management, allowing you to select a case and initiate and manage its corresponding repairs task from A to Z.

Repairs can be initiated in both Admin Suite and the Tasks App as described on this page.

Scanning a barcode to start

You can scan a RepairID barcode to initiate the right task directly, for example the repair's ship task.

Creating a new repair task

Creating the actual repair task is very intuitive. Contrary to the flow in Admin Suite, no OU selection is required since it's based on the currently logged in OU (although it can be changed later on in the flow). Additionally, this flow does not require you to attach a case directly, but instead creates a new case for you based on the details you add in the New Repair Task overview.

The available Topics in this overview are based on the topics configured in the Case settings chapter in Admin Suite.

Mind that both Email Address and Phone Number are required for the attached customer; if they are missing you will have to add both via Admin Suite or one of the frontend Apps. If you pick the wrong customer, please reset the flow.

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Adding the repair product and media

In step 2 (out of 3), you can optionally add pictures of the product in question.

You can add a product using either Search product or Search in Customer Orders. We recommend you add the item via the latter option, since the original order becomes attached as well that way.

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Option 1: Search product

A search field is presented where you can scan a product or openly search for one using the search box. You can also filter through your search results. Once identified and selected, the product then becomes tagged to the underlying repair being created.

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Changing the ID displayed

The products selected will display the serial number (if applicable). but you can change what kind of Product ID is displayed.

Option 2: Search in Customer Orders

A search field is presented where you can search through all orders pertaining to the chosen customer. Once identified and selected, the product is then attached to the underlying repair being created.

Completing the creation

The final page lets you alter the pre-set Organization Unit (if necessary), specify the Assignee that will perform the repair and also indicate the Receive Method. The latter is mandatory and is used to indicate whether the item in question is already on hand, or is yet to be handed over/delivered by the customer (in which case a date picker will be displayed).

Item already present

If you want to create the task with Goods are present, make sure that a printer is attached to the station.

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Executing the repair

Now that you've created a repair task for the actual repair, you can either continue in Admin Suite or head over to the Execute Repair overview in the Repairs section of the Tasks App.

Most fields are quite straightforward, but to make one field extra clear: Edit Repair Details allows you to select a custom field (limited to those specifically created for repairs).

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Adding repair products and interaction logs

Aside from showing you the existing details of the case and repair, this overview lets you add up to 10 products to use in the repair. These products are attached to a new order that's created to store the products and to facilitate payment. You can find the order via the Order card in the repair's management screen in Admin Suite.

Removing products

It's possible to remove products you use during the repair again by selecting them and decreasing their quantity. Take in mind however that if Orders:AllowCartsToStayOpen is NOT set to true, any order with all quantities set to 0 will be automatically completed - which would mean the repair task becomes unusable.

By tapping Add New Log you can create a message to be displayed in the repair/case. If you want to make the message public, i.e. share it with the customer, you'll have to tap the Message Is Public explicitly.

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Printing thermal receipts

To make things easier for the assignee, you can print a thermal receipt. From the detail page, you can access the Options card, where you can click on Print Repair Receipt. This will allow you to choose from a list of available stations to print from. After selecting a station, you will be asked to confirm printing.

Getting a repair back to the customer

There are two ways to get the repaired product back to the customer, either by shipping it, or by having the customer pick it up. You are required to indicate which one by means of the Shipping option field.

Repairs processed via the Tasks App as well as Admin Suite can trigger the following tasks.


Tap the Shipping option to select the Delivery option.

A ShipRepair task will now be created. Tap it to open up the scanner. Either scan or enter the serial number manually by tapping the Manually button. This should complete the task, or potentially present an error message if the serial number was invalid.

RepairShipped template

Use the RepairShipped template to customize your message towards the customer when the repair is being shipped.

This template will be triggered whenever a repair's shipping method is not pickup and its open amount is zero.


Instead of shipping the repair to the customer, the customer can opt to pick it up instead. Tap Pickup.

Optionally you can create a (sub) task for this pickup. This requires you to set UserTasks:EnablePickupRepairUserTasks to true.

This logic includes the following:

  • The repair's Shipping option must be set set to Pickup.
  • If no shipping method is set, EVA falls back to the receive method specified during creation of the repair:
    • If it's set to Goods are present, a pickup task will be created.
    • If it's set to Goods will be shipped in, no pickup task will be created - a ship task will be created instead.
RepairReadyForPickup template

Use the RepairReadyForPickup template to customize your message towards the customer when a repair is ready for pickup.

This template will be triggered whenever a repair is finished and indicated to be picked up.

Completing a repair

Tapping Done will not complete the repair straight away. Instead a final overview is displayed, allowing you to optionally set its status to Cancel. Completing it with that status will cancel the entire repair.

Lastly, you can set a final message on the repair which you can optionally share with the customer by switching the Message is public button on.

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