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An introduction to Companion

Meet the Companion App: a versatile, handheld version of our POS which works on your iPhone. The Companion allows you quick access to many functionalities and information.

You'll be able to check (and add) a customer's details and previous purchases, which in combination with the store's current assortment, will give you the information you need to suggest other products. You can even instruct colleagues to find products for you, during your conversation with the customer.

An instruction like that can be assigned to a specific employee, or it might pop up on the tasks page for all employees. That same page offers a quick insight into other open tasks and lets you create many more.

The Companion lets you go through all the steps in the sales process, from finding and scanning the desired products, to adding discounts and ultimately performing the checkout by linking to payment terminals or by showing a QR code (EVA Pay).

The Companion is an indispensable help to improve your in-store flows and to allow you and your colleagues to offer the utmost convenience to your customer.