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Unit of measure

EVA supports custom units of measure (UOM). This allows you to make your own custom packages, pallets, etc. with a specific amount of product contained in it, making it much easier to scan and receive goods.

Te way EVA facilitates this is by having four services, which allow you to finetune these UOMs and tie them to products. This means there's no UOM in EVA that holds a strict quantity, but instead a UOM versus a product.

You can manage these directly via API, as discussed on this page, or visit our dedicated UOM front-end functionality.

Default UOMs

Your EVA environment may already have a set of UOMs available. You can check this by means of GetUnitOfMeasures.

// empty

Creating a new UOM

You can now either go through the following two services, which are easy steps for creating the UOM, or you can skip to the next chapter which includes a service that combines these steps into a single service - aside from the option to add a barcode.

Creating the actual unit of measure takes just the following three properties. The response of GetUnitOfMeasures afterwards shows it added to the list straight away.

"Name": "Pallet",
"Description": "A pallet filled to the brim",
"BackendID": 3
Using UOMs directly in ImportProducts

Now that you've created a UOM, you can also use it in the ImportProducts call directly: you can add the UnitOfMeasureID and specify a Barcode and the Quantity it contains. This way you can skip the steps below.

Now you can create the link between your newly created UOM and the product it will hold.

"ProductID": 56,
"UnitOfMeasureID": 3,
"Quantity": 84


The CreateProductBarcode service takes the same properties as both services here above and simultaneously lets you set a barcode - which is what will make the receipt of these UOMs so handy.

"ProductID": 58,
"Barcode": 1234561,
"UnitOfMeasureID": 5,
"Name": "BigBox",
"Quantity": 24
Barcodes cannot be updated

Only CreateUnitOfMeasure and CreateProductUnitOfMeasure have an update version of the service. This means the Barcode cannot get updated, just created or deleted.