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Customer onboarding page

This application showcases how EVA's user management services can be utilized to build a portal where users can register using their personal information. This example covers:

  • User Requirements
  • User Subscriptions
  • Creating Users
  • Redirection with session transfer

Before you start

To run this application you need:

An environment of which you know the endpointObvious reasons
(Onboarding OU) of type webshopWe need an OU to create context for the app, and customers can only authenticate on OU's of type webshop.
User Requirements configured for aforementioned OUIf we have no user requirements, the app will show no fields.
User subscriptions (Optional)The app can also display available subscriptions

Supported flows

Onboarding can digest some query strings. For example:

The available strings are:

  • orderId
  • redirectUrl

Flow without query strings

This would just be a regular registration flow resulting in a success page with a button you could - for eample - point at their newly created account page in your webshop. Or you could remove the button. Whatever.

Flow with orderId

We can also digest an orderId as suffixed - for example - by CFD. When adding your register app URL to the setting App:Loyalty:OnboardingQRUrl CFD will show a QR code which the customer can scan to head to the register page.

When we know this orderId it would be nice if we could add the customer to the order immediately, but this is not possible security-wise (yet). So for now, we just show a barcode which the in-store employee can scan to add the customer to the order.

Flow with redirectUrl

If a redirectUrl is passed, we will redirect to the given URL after the user successfully registers. Additionally, we will add a query string to the redirectUrl called redirectToken. This token can be passed into a Login call to authenticate the newly created user on whatever page we redirect to.