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Introduction to Integrations

Integration guides for various EVA topics

Any digitally transformative retailer has golden records of their most important data sets. In order to use EVA though, we need to be aware of your data. This segment of our developer documentation contains integration guides for both pushing data into EVA, and making sure to be updated of any changes to that data within the context of EVA.

In general, we provide pretty straightforward services to import your products, users (whether it be employees or customers), order history, prices, and much more. When starting to work with EVA, your approach should cover three steps;

  1. Initial bulk push of all known data
  2. Making sure any new data created outside of EVA is made known in EVA
  3. Making sure to handle data updates from EVA
Be adaptive to change

Although you will never face a situation where a field is removed or even changed without timely notice(s), we do introduce new fields to APIs frequently. Please take that in mind when designing your API setup; to "be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others".

The following documents are integration guides structured along subjects, with generic EVA data output methods described under Data I/O.