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Transactional Email API Service

EVA has a direct integration with Mailgun. This is the preferred way of sending e-mail in EVA, due to the good integration and stable experience. Mailgun also offers features that can come in handy.

  • Extended logging: logs will show if an e-mail has been delivered, and if not, why it was bounced. Even the contents of the email can be checked.
  • Good deliverability.
  • Separate regions for EU and US, so your customer data will be stored close by.
MailGun:Api:BaseUrl or depending on a EU or US account.
MailGun:Api:KeyThe API key used for connecting to Mailgun, can be found in Mailgun.
MailGun:Api:UserUsername used for the connection with the API key.
MailGun:Api:DomainThe name of the domain as it is configured in Mailgun.
MailGun:Api:TimeoutInSecondsTimeout on the Mailgun connection. Not necessary to change, the default is good.
MailGun:Email:TestSet to true to enable the Mailgun testmode.
SmtpFromAddressAlter the address displayed at From:
SmtpFromDisplayNameAlter the name displayed at From:
EmailTransportSet this to Mailgun. Defaults to SMTP.

When using Mailgun, a subject in your Stencil template is required like so: {#Subject}...{#/Subject}.