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Omnichannel communications platform

MessageBird is an omnichannel communications platform designed for talking to your customers anywhere in the world.

MessageBird's integration in EVA allows us to contact shoppers by SMS, in particular to send out text messages including digital gift cards.


There's three relevant settings to this integration.

MessageBird:BaseUrlUrl of MessageBird - its default value is valid for test and production
MessageBird:AccessKeyApiKey to use
MessageBird:OriginatorThe name to be used as the sender on the SMS - only the first 11 characters are used

Note: if the AccessKey is not set, no messages will be sent.


The template DigitalGiftCardMessage, which is already available for the e-mails, can also be used for the SMS. Just make sure that the correct destination (SMS in this case) is selected in the stencil's detail.