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Software solutions for customer loyalty

Convercus (Point 4 More) provides a SaaS Loyalty Engine with all necessary features to run a successful omni-channel customer loyalty program.

This integration allows users to use points as a payment method in the EVA Platform and also refund the points to the customer account in case of a cancellation or return.

Supported flows

The following flows are supported:

Pay with points

In EVA you can set up the payment method P4M (Point 4 More) to use the convercus integration. You can inform EVA of these payments by specifying them via PushSalesOrder Support for P4M payments in EVA Pos and Companion App is possible.

Refunding paid points

Because of the fact that EVA holds the configuration regarding the refund priority of payments and the to be refunded amounts, EVA will take care of the refunding of points that have been used as a payment.


Currently EVA offers no functionality to add points to the user account based on goods purchased (earning points) or to subtract points after a return of goods that had previously earned the user points (burning points).


To use this integration you are required to have an account at Convercus and be able to supply all necessary info for configuration.


In order to set the P4M integration on your OU the following settings should be applied:

P4M:UrlEndpoint to which the updates should be sent.
P4M:APIKeyAuthorization token for the endpoint.
P4M:WorkStationIDWorkstation ID.
P4M:ClientIDClient ID.
P4M:UseAccountIDSet to true to use the Account ID instead of the User Reference Code.

Payment method

The payment method is available from the dropdown containing the preconfigured payment methods.

That's it, you're good to go!


When pushing a sales order to EVA, add the P4M details on the payment transaction:

"Payments": [
"Method": "P4M",
"Amount": 39.98,
"Data": "urc_test"

In PushSalesOrder, specify Payments[].Method as P4M and Payments[].Data with the user AccountID.