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Das beste PAYMENT

In addition to Adyen, we support card payments through PayOne. This is not a complete integration of PayOne as a payment service provider like we have with Adyen though. We simply support sending a message to a PayOne terminal to start a transaction of a certain amount. All other configuration should be done on the side of PayOne.


In order to use a PayOne payment terminal you'll need:

  • Correct Station configuration
  • PayOne Device
  • Correct Device Configuration
  • Setting

Station config

Create a station with a Name of your choosing, it's as simple as that.

PayOne device

We only support the CCV Base Next terminal for PayOne payments.

Device config

See Payment terminals.


PayOne payment terminals do not support a cloud connection therefore, a connection via Watchtower is needed. However, offline payments (Live Guard) support is not available when connection is unreachable/down.


All it takes for you to finish the PIN setup with PayOne is to enter 'ZVT' as a value in the Pin:ClientVersion setting. The rest is up to us.


Some degree of refunding is possible with PayOne. Because these refunds are not tied to the original transaction however, any kind of automatic refund is impossible. Refunds can only be done 'manually', meaning with an amount set by the employee and consequently refunded via either cash or the pin terminal.

With all that taken into account, no specific configuration is necessary for refunding with PayOne.


Although technically outside of our documentation's scope, there's a connectivity issue with the mobile unit that we'd like to specifically point out. Just to make your life a bit easier.

In order to get your mobile unit up and running, go into the terminal menu as shown below and disable the appropriate options. For the mobile unit this is likely the following:

  • Enable Standalone / O.P.I.;
  • Enable OPI (serial);
  • Disable ZVT (serial).