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Assortments are best managed via Admin Suite's Assortments chapter, which give you a large range of options for the products in the assortment.


In order to be able to access this chapter, you need the Assortments permission.

Clicking an assortment shows you an overview of the specific assortment's contents and allows you to make specific decisions about the products contained in this assortment.

Note: the first column displays the product image, but it is unfortunately cut off in this specific image. This way you can however see the final column (Product variations) displayed. This column shows if all your configurable product's children are included in the assortments, or if they're only partially included.

The top right icons in this overview let you -from left to right- search for products in this overview, download/upload your assortment products in bulk and of course add to the assortment.

If you click the 'Product variations' icon at the end of a line, you'll be shown an overview containing the product's children. You can then make child-specific decisions.

The second card in the details of an assortment shows you an overview of all attached OU's, giving you the option to add more OUs or sets.