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The fulfillment overview gives you a global overview of all order fulfillments, which can be either 'new', 'in progress', 'completed' or 'cancelled'.


In order to be able to access this chapter, you need the OrderFulfillments permission.


Opening a fulfillment order lets you check its details and, if possible, edit or delete the included order line(s). The latter will rerouter all order lines to a different supplier.

Ship fulfillment

You can trigger a shipping fulfillment by clicking the 'Truck' icon on the fulfillment details page. This flow will ask you to input the shipment backend ID, track and trace code, and a possible track URL. Once you complete the flow, this will trigger the shipping.

Financial fulfillment

If you are making use of unified orders, then an order fulfillment contains financial fulfillment lines as well. Another action will then be available under the 'Actions' column in that case. This will open a new modal with all financial fulfillment lines related to that order fulfillment line.

These show the movements of the order line throughout the organization(s) and the corresponding currencies.